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What is Net Zero And why it isn't enough ?

to undoubtedly succeed in a future of sustainability , we need to get nature on the political agenda and assemble assets and materials for biodiversity is valued for what it provides to people such as food , fuel , shelter and medicine along with crucial ecological services such as pollution , seed , dispersal , climate regulation, and water purification.

Net Zero designates to the goal of greenhouse gas emissions being produced and removed from the atmosphere at a neutral rate.

And here is why net zero won't help us .....

The Concept means well but its not what the world is really looking for. growing a billion & 1 Trees would drain extensive quantities of water in some places where people are already athirst. The expansion of forest cover in higher latitudes can have an warming effect since exchanging grassland with forests mean the surface of the land will darken which absorbs more energy from the sun which makes temperatures rise.

As we build our societies and economies anew two years after the first announced case of coronavirus the world is still feeling the repercussions detrimental to the health of humans and the ecosystem. if Covid-19 has made one thing in science clear Biodiversity, Climate Science, and Human health are entirely interdependent. developing ways of reducing carbon dioxide can feel tremendously exciting. the fact of using science and engineering to save humanity from disaster sadly, ecological restoration is the missing link in all solutions to the climate and human health crisis making it the means of conserving biodiversity and sustaining livelihoods.

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