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What America Fails To Realize...

We’ll never live sustainably if we can’t live equally

It is difficult to untangle the present dangers in black communities from the long history of racist policies and practices in America. Discriminatory practices such as the government-sanctioned reluctance of banks to accept home loans and insurance for people in communities of color, also known as redlining, pushed black families into areas more likely to be subjected to industrial pollution and excessive weather.

As a consequence of the economic downturn triggered by the pandemic, these same communities are now experiencing a rise in unemployment and poverty rates and are now overwhelmingly dying from the latest coronavirus due to a lack of health care, unequal access to test sites.

But when it comes to environmental degradation, they have long endured an unequal burden and face increased risk from the consequences of climate change. But even though they are worried about the worsening world around them, Black Americans do not generally list climate change among their top priorities, and they do not hear people speaking to them about the crisis in a way that resonates with them.

Climate change and other deteriorating crises, given the socioeconomic circumstances that overwhelmingly expose Black people to the coronavirus pandemic,

When speaking on climate change Rarely are black voices reinforced. But nonetheless politicians need to assimilate our opinions, viewpoints and experiences in order to enact real and equitable climate policies in order to make headway in resolving the climate crisis.

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