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Uproar after USDA agents inhumanely kill 8 wolf cubs adopted by Idaho high school

Photo By Thomas Bonometti

While the Trump administration already removed The Gray Wolf from the Endangered species protection list prematurely it seems federal agents at the USDA are eager to eradicate The Gray Wolf.

In Idaho Conservationists are crying out after the inhumane killing of 8 Gray Wolf Cubs .

Biologist tracking the pack noticed the den was empty this spring. Fortunately the biologists acquired a mortality list from the State Department Of Fish & Game their was a realization that the agents had terminated the wolf pack.

An Agriculture Department Official Announced the agents killed the wolves to force the Adult Wolves to relocate. Timberline High students have told media they are penning a letter to president Biden over the killings of the wolf pups.

In May , The Idaho Governor Brad Little , signed a law that allows the eradication of up to 90% of the states 1,500 wolves backed by some ranchers and hunters.

Maya Yang Outcry after federal agents kill eight wolf cubs adopted by Idaho school

DOUGLAS MAIN. New Idaho law allows killing up to 90 percent of state’s wolves

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