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The President-Elect Is Strategizing Aggressive Policies Against Climate Change

Joe Biden has shown that he is prepared to fulfill his pledge to implement a more ambitious environmental agenda than any of his predecessors, one that aims to rapidly reduce the carbon emissions of the country, give voice to pollution-hit disadvantaged communities and build strong employment in industries that help create a greener future.

The intense pressure from Biden's party members was not the only incentive for aggressive action. A warming world has made the problem increasingly difficult to ignore, as with each passing year the litany of climate-related disasters has increased.

On his first day as president, Biden promised to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and convene a climate conference of world leaders during his first climate summit.

He vowed an unparalleled emphasis on environmental injustice, pledging to spend 40 percent of the funds for renewable energy in traditionally deprived communities and to ensure greater access to everything from safe drinking water to sustainable jobs in neighbourhoods that have lacked both for a long time. He suggested the creation of a "Civil Climate Corps" to help make communities less vulnerable to wildfires and floods.

The Biden team is as different as possible. To begin with, they really care about the environment. There is even an element of poetic justice in the two individuals the president-elect has appointed to be his top advisors in the White House.

Biden says that the crisis calls for a coordinated, government-wide response, and that time is running out for the United States. Whether the country will be able to move to a greener future will rely on many factors, particularly science, capital, and political willpower.

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