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The Need For Environmental Leadership Around The World

Environmental protection is now a global priority for all governments, organizations, businesses, communities, and related institutions. It is essentially necessary to focus on developing environmental leaders who guide conservation measures within the human surrounding. Individuals and corporates alike, using natural resources need not exhaust by overusing natural resources. Survival levels of humans heavily weigh on their shoulders, depending on their consumption rates against replenishing rate. Leadership, in this case, is about taking total responsibility on behalf of oneself or the company.

Environmental sustainability demands that every entity should strive for environmentally-minded leadership as opposed to traditional business practices. This way, future generations will be secured. Environmental leadership is about developing an internal mindset concerned with climate change control, waste management, greenhouse gas control measures, and natural resource management. Besides, leaders need to focus on holistic factors such as environmental risk assessments, hazard mapping, and disaster risk reduction measures and strategies.

Anyone can become a leader by creating awareness, and doing all they can afford to reduce harm to the planet. Leadership is not about pleasing people but to inspire them by loving what you do. For instance, bees pollinate flowers, and it is a phenomenal job that improves survival for other organisms. In this case, bees do not intend to impress the world by their skills, but rather complete their role on the planet. Indeed without bees, flowers with beautiful and bright colors would be missing. While they do not realize their immense contribution, bees remain outstanding examples of inspiring leaders in their capacity. Like bees, humans must borrow the bees' hard work to ensure the ecosystems thrive for now and posterity.

In conclusion, environmental leadership is not necessarily about decision making. Leadership concerns the willingness to be the first step in taking action and mobilizing others through creation of awareness to reduce harm to the environment. It is about taking the initiative to become an activist against every harm to the environment one lives and the neighbor.

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