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How pandemics and Other disasters can result from human Activity

Natural disasters and pandemics are natural hazard-related incidents. Natural disasters and pandemics occur when a threat overwhelms a particularly vulnerable population, resulting in high mortality and morbidity. The disaster and pandemics cycle is a mechanism for developing a structured response, recovery, prevention, and preparedness plan in the event of a disaster. Access to clean water, adequate sanitation, food/nutrition, shelter, and the threat of communicable diseases are all issues that have the potential to stymie the recovery process after a natural disaster.

The increasing number of diseases moving from wildlife to humans is still being driven by the illicit and unsustainable wildlife trade, as well as the destruction of forests and other wild places. Natural disasters and pandemics are beyond human control, but their effects coincide with the consequences of war or fight. Pandemics, such as the coronavirus, are the product of humanity's degradation of nature. 

In all cases, human suffering results from loss of life, personal property, and infrastructure. Malaria, Aids, Sars, and Ebola are only a few of the diseases that have emerged over the years, all of which arose in animal populations under extreme environmental stress. These outbreaks represent our dangerously unbalanced relationship with nature. Rather than being viewed as solely natural, the causes of the earthquake damage were viewed as a complex mosaic of political, technological, natural, and moral factors.

Individuals often pointed to nature as a major factor in the destruction. Several participants claimed that humans and nature shared full responsibility for the harm. Nature is eventually viewed as a neutral force to which one could only adapt/ Nature is nature, and nature had its course, are two of the most common phrases. Nature is thought to be excluded from human decisions of intentionality, fault, and indignation because it existed outside and outside of the human realm. 

Earthquakes were almost always thought to be natural occurrences. Humans, on the other hand, may respond to the magnitude of the earthquake's damage and distinguish between an earthquake and a disaster. As soon as the seismic waves hit the walls of human work, nature's neutrality is broken. Nature's positive or bad essence is often filtered by human eyes.

Pandemic and other disasters are also result from nature but the nature is basically tempered by the human that cause such kind of pandemics. The distinction between natural and man-made disasters obscures more ambiguity than it clarifies

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