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Ecological Services Animals Provide For Humans And How We Can Protect Them

Animals play an important role in providing ecological services for humans. Animals help in ecological balance on the earth, some play the role in decomposition, nitrogen cycle and some animals help to bring out the nutrients from the cycle. Animals, insects and even microorganisms are the ecological service providers for humans. The ecological institutions in a state need the scientists, machinery, and a lot of work to get the details of working of ecosystems but animals, insects or even the microorganism can help them in finding out the working of ecosystems and to know that we have a smooth run of the ecosystem or not. We as humans work in different fields and play our role which can even damage the globe system e.g. ecosystem, pollution, etc. Animals, insects and even the microorganisms play their role to balance the all important things in the globe. It is very true that we are not aware of their role and responsibilities.

Insects and earthworms help in agriculture by increasing fertility of the soil. Plants play the role as by converting free nitrogen from air and feeding the roots. Some microorganisms such as bacteria help us clean the environment. Here are the following animals which are ecological service providers and also help to reduce the negative impacts on the globe and also help to address several issues on the globe. For example, environmental disturbances, pollution, global warming, etc.

1: Bees

Bees have a very important role in the life of humans. Bees are responsible for the pollination process of plants, and most of the things that humans need in their normal routine. Bees play a vital role to give the fine food and products to humans and also help the plants in the pollination process.

2: Dogs

Dogs are considered as the most loyal animal and they are also good friends of humans. Dogs have an important role in this globe and help the humans with their natural expertise. For example dogs are very sensitive and can easily smell the plants, drugs, etc. The law enforcement agencies took help of dogs in finding out the drugs, bombs, etc.

Now, when humans are already fighting with Covid-19, they are not in position to face any new disaster. This is the time that humans acknowledge the importance of animals and give attention to the issues of the globe. Humans should give importance and special protection to animals who provide ecological services. There is a need to take immediate steps to protect them. The steps can be the following;

1: Preserve habitat of wildlife

Habitat means to provide a place, a comfortable environment to animals according to their nature and body structure, etc. Due to pollution, and other major issues the animals are decreasing day by day. We should provide them a separate environment in which they can comfortably live and fulfill their responsibilities.

2: Provide Water

Water is the biggest issue for humans and especially animals. The wastes of industries, factories are going into the rivers and affecting the water. Chemicals, toxic material is mixed within the water and it is badly affecting the animals. They are reducing day by day. It is very important and a need of time to provide them clean water without any chemical and toxic material involvement.

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