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Colorado Parks and Wildlife department To Reintroduced Gray Wolves

Voters adopted a ballot measure to return gray wolves to the southern Rocky Mountains in November, where they were hunted to extinction in the 1940s.

Reintroducing wolves will restore the natural balance of Colorado in ways you can't imagine.

Wolves are the best ecosystem engineers in the world In my opinion the way they can chance the environment around them is astonishing , and when they were hunted to near extinction in the early 1900’s it caused a tropic cascade throughout ecosystems.

There reason we’re talking about wolves now

is because the election has passed and Biden’s big green deal has a large amount of promise at least we hope .

Wolves have spread across the region since their reintroduction, returning to habitats that have long suffered in their absence. In Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and Northern California, they are currently located. Today, in the wild areas of their former range: Colorado, Utah, Nevada and significant parts of other Western states where the wolf population stands at zero, they have not yet been restored.

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