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3 Reasons for Choosing Natural and Organic Skincare Products

Are you an eco-conscious soul who wishes to switch to natural and organic skincare products? Don't worry, we can ease things for you.

The reason why natural and organic skincare products have gained more popularity in recent times is, they are cruelty-free and environmental friendly - well most of them are.

So, here are a few reasons why you must switch to natural and organic skincare products:

  • Help Save Animals from Extinction

Most of the conventional makeup and skincare brands continue to test their products on animals causing them bodily harm and pain. According to Human Society international, nearly 500,000 animals suffer and die annually because of cosmetics testing.

By using organic skincare, you save animals as you don't invest in the products which leads to threatening an animal's life.

Many countries are following the route now and we hope many more do so in the future as well!

  • Beware of What Goes into Water

Organic skincare products are made of ingredients that are grown using sustainable practices. This means that not only you get beautiful skin, but also you favor mother nature by not releasing waste back into it.

Most of the conventional products also make the use of microbeads to give a scrubbing sensation. Sadly, those microbeads accumulate in the food chain posing a threat to aquatic species and human health.

  • Get a Natural Glow

To add to your skin's beauty, traditional skincare products contain toxic chemicals that are absorbed by the skin. Those chemicals could result in endocrine disruption.

In addition, the use of such chemicals has also been found to negatively impact marine ecosystems. Did you know, harmful constituents of sunscreen can decrease fertility and reproduction among fishes?

By purchasing natural and organic skincare products today for a naturally glowing skin and that too without guilts.

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Rahlek Mathis

Vital Evolution

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